Wednesday , April 14 2021

Memorial Cards

Memorial Cards to Express Gratitude and Appreciation

Memorial cards are thank you cards or acknowledgment cards that are given by the bereaved family to everybody who was with them during the difficult time in the loss of their loved one. There are a lot of people to thank for during the death, wake and funeral. These are people who helped provide food, transportation, assisted in the preparations, gave time, donated money and have provided much comfort at this time. The memorial card would be a nice way to express the family’s appreciation for all these.

Some families match the memorial cards to the funeral program but memorial cards can really be anything that you want it to be. The most important thing is the message of gratitude and appreciation that it should convey. Death is something you know is inevitable but when it comes, the magnitude of the loss is still there. The people who are there during these difficult times may not necessarily bring something or give something but their mere presence is enough encouragement to go through with having to lay the loved one to rest and move on afterward. Memorial Cards Your message of thanks need not be long and detailed but when the persons who were with you get the memorial cards, they know that despite the chaos and pain, you know they were there and that you are grateful for this.

Memorial cards are usually small in size and can be carried around or placed in scrapbooks or memorial boxes. It may have the word Thank You in front or be more personalized with the loved one’s photo, date of birth and date of death. Or it may also be a religious symbol or image in front with a prayer or a scripture saying inside. A favorite poem may also be included that will reflect the loved one’s interests and passions such as charity works, sewing, golf or gardening. Non-religious cards can include sayings or quotations that were of interest to the person.

Memorial cards can be made personally with many templates available for free or for a certain fee on special designs. Using these templates would be easier rather than starting from scratch. There is a space for your message and for whatever other information you may want to put into the card. You can also download a photo and position it in the card. Otherwise, you can have it done by printers.

The cards need not be given immediately during the funeral. It can be given even months after, so you can include those people who may not have been there during the services but have helped you afterward when the reality has set in and you need the support of others to move on.

Memorial cards are not just thank you cards but they are part of keeping the memory of the loved one alive. It is a reminder for the living that because death is inevitable, you have to be prepared for it. It is also a visible reminder of the person who passed away. Some choose to give memorial wallet cards so they can keep the memorial cards in their wallet or use it as a bookmark and see it every day. It will remind you about the person, perhaps whisper a prayer or two for him or her and remind you also of your own mortality and that every day should be a preparation for the day that you may leave this world.