Wednesday , April 14 2021
Funeral Gifts

Funeral Gifts

Funeral Gifts that Mean a Lot

When someone dies, it is always a time of great sorrow even if there was time to prepare the family for its coming. It becomes even worse when the loved one dies in sudden circumstances. Acceptance takes a long time and keeping the memory alive will make one slowly accept that memories are all that is left and eventually, be able to accept that the physical body is gone. Part of the healing process is keeping the memory of the loved one alive until acceptance is complete.

Finding the right funeral gifts will help a lot because it shows the family that you care and that you will always be there during this time of grief and beyond. Memorial keepsakes help keep the memory of the person alive and express to the family how much he or she is loved. It shows that the family is not alone and that there are many people who feel as saddened too.

When you need to give somebody funeral gifts, why not give personalized mementos such as funeral programs, prayer cards, funeral announcement cards, thank you cards that can contain the loved one’s favorite prayer, poetry, scripture, and quotation, his or her name, date of birth and date of death and special photo. These printed mementos will be appreciated to those who received them as it is a visible reminder of the one who passed away that they can keep forever. There are also cards that contain flower seeds that you can plant in memory of the one who died.

Other ideas for funeral gifts would be memorial keepsakes such as crosses, wall plaques, angel figurines, candles and other keepsakes that can be displayed in the home. You can also get memorial stones, in small forms that can be engraved again with a scripture or a quotation, the name of the one who passed away or an angel engraving. These stones can be rubbed or just touched to provide comfort and help remove the stress. They would especially be appreciated by the family and close friends who are still grieving.

If you have a lot of photographs of the loved one, why not put them in a scrapbook together with clippings and other mementos. It is a beautiful tribute to the loved one and will show many aspects of the loved one’s life that the family and close friends may not have known. With scrapbooking becoming a very popular hobby nowadays, you can find a lot of materials that can spruce up your scrapbook and make them even more special. Other popular funeral gifts are journals or blank books where the family can write in their memories of the loved one or their feelings on the loss. It will help a lot in the healing process to be able to express your thoughts and feelings.

There are beautiful memorial jewelry pieces that would make great funeral gifts. There are crosses, teardrops, religious symbols that can be inscribed with whatever you want to put there. Wearing the memorial jewelry is like having a visible memory of the loved one constantly near you.

Personalized funeral gifts show the family and friends of how much thought has gone into selecting them. Keeping his or her memory alive through funeral gifts will express how much of a blessing the loved one has been in your life.