Wednesday , April 14 2021

Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers to Express Your Sympathy

Death is always a painful experience, whether it is one that has been prepared for or one that came like a thief in the night. When a friend or close family dies, it is traditional to give flowers, either to the church, funeral parlor or to the house. But giving funeral flowers is not just a matter of ordering from the florist and having them delivered. There are many things you need to think about, from the choice of flowers to the place where they will be delivered

If there is visitation, viewing or memorial service, the funeral flowers can be delivered to the place where that is held. It is best to coordinate with a family member on where best to send the flowers. If you send the funeral flowers to the funeral home, have it delivered before the viewing time as it would not be proper to disturb the viewing period with a flower delivery. Proper etiquette says flowers should be delivered the day before. If there is no ceremony or if the flowers cannot be delivered in time for it, you can have it sent to the home instead.

The choice of flowers is important too. Different flowers and flower arrangements have different meanings. The spouse of the deceased will usually order Bleeding Heart which he or she puts in the casket. The immediate family orders the casket cover wreath. The half-couch flower arrangement is used on an open casket while a full couch arrangement is used on a closed casket. In situations where there is no casket, a wreath may be used filled with assorted flowers, oftentimes the deceased’s favorite. They can be used during the visitation, memorial service and later on, brought to the grave site.

Other funeral flowers arrangement is the fireside basket with a handle that is normally placed on the floor near the casket. The basket of flowers without or without a handle can be placed also on the floor. The cross is foam shaped into a cross and covered with different flowers and foliage with a flower swag that serves as the accent in the middle of the cross. The inside piece is usually ordered by family members and can be nosegays, pillows, heart and satin crosses that are placed inside the casket. Vase and table arrangements can be simple or extravagant depending on the giver, usually friends and business associates. However, you need to check with the funeral parlor on what types of flowers they accept; some do not accept vases as they might break.

When you give funeral flowers, take into consideration also their deceased families’ religious beliefs and wishes regarding flowers. Some families would rather have a donation given to the deceased’s favorite charity in lieu of flowers. Other religions, like Orthodox Jews, consider it rude to have flowers delivered to the funeral home or the burial site so instead, you should send them to the home. If you are unsure about their beliefs, it is best to ask or get a flower arrangement that is not centered on a particular religion.

When it is difficult for you to express your condolences in words, let funeral flowers do the talking for you. Choosing the right one and following the proper etiquette will convey your respect and sadness at the death.